Auction Financing Pre-Approval

Construction Equipment Auction Financing

Auctions are great places to find heavy equipment at reasonable prices, and the selection available at these auctions makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

But when you're heading to a heavy equipment auction and plan on purchasing heavy equipment, make sure you are prepared, get pre-approved with CCG before the event.

Some of our tips for being prepared include:

  • Inspect the equipment
    • Get a copy of an inspection report if you can't personally inspect the equipment
  • Ensure a clear title
    • Make sure there are no current liens filed against the equipment
  • Research and compare pricing
    • Research current inventory online
    • Compare similar items side-by-side
    • Decide on the maximum amount you are willing to bid
  • Secure financing to increase your buying power
    • Get pre-approved for a used equipment loan
    • Take a pre-approval letter from your finance company to the auction
  • Understand the bidding process
    • Register online prior to auction day
    • Read the policies
    • Verify the time and date the items you want go up for sale
    • Arrive early to inspect the equipment in-person and get a good seat
  • Arrange for transportation after the event

Once you've found the perfect piece of equipment and made the winning bid, CCG will get you funded quickly so you can put that equipment to work and making money.

CCG's pre-approval process is easy. Simply download the application and complete and fax it to our credit department. Within 24-48 hours, we could have a pre-approval letter back to you.*

*Final approval is subject to credit verification and approval of equipment and terms. Protection Status