Our Services

Commercial Credit Group Inc. (CCG) offers comprehensive financial solutions to companies in the construction, manufacturing, transportation and waste industries.

Our breadth of industry knowledge allows us to understand each client’s unique business needs and help guide them to financial success. We provide and integrate the following services:

CCG offers different types of equipment financing, from new and used equipment purchases to refinancing of your existing equipment loans. Our experts in the construction,  manufacturing, transportation and waste industries can provide valuable information regarding our financing options and loan structures, all while considering your business needs and current industry conditions.

Leasing equipment from CCG is an alternative for companies that don’t want to purchase equipment. Depending on your particular circumstances, a lease may provide certain benefits to your company’s capital structure. Our equipment leasing programs offer a variety of term and purchase options. Our knowledgeable leasing specialists will guide you through the process.

Companies may desire to simplify their monthly payment obligations, especially if they're financing through multiple lenders with varying terms. CCG offers debt consolidation loans to minimize these variables by merging your equipment loans and leases into one convenient payment every month.

Companies that want to take advantage of growth opportunities or experience cyclical fluctuations often rely on working capital loans to fund short-term operations. If you need to increase cash flow, meet payroll, or require additional funding for a project, CCG can help you with cash-out loan opportunities.

Although many lenders hesitate to fund or refinance used equipment purchases, CCG has various affordable financing options. We offer financing for used equipment purchases as well as debt consolidation loans for equipment you already own.

Whether you have one loan or multiple loans, CCG can help you refinance your equipment and improve your cash flow. If you want to extend your term, free up cash, or get working capital to grow your business, refinancing may be the best option for you.

If you're providing a service that generates invoices but are often waiting for payments, our affiliate company, Commercial Funding Inc., can purchase these invoices and provide you with immediate access to working capital.


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