Posted 10.17.2018

Over the years many companies have saved on their taxes by taking advantage of Section 179 and Section 168(k) of the IRS Tax Code. While originally adopted in 1958, there have been a great many...

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Posted 09.06.2018

When I was growing up, my parents bought a brand-new car every 2-3 years. They always paid cash and they always got top dollar for their trade-ins. My dad credited his ability to get top-dollar to...

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Posted 08.13.2018

Aesop tells the story of an ant and a grasshopper and how the ant worked diligently through the summer to store up food for the winter, and how the grasshopper showed up at winter asking for food,...

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Posted 07.20.2018

Reinvesting in your business can improve your position in the extremely competitive manufacturing industry. While some smaller shops can manage their business with entry level equipment, we are...

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Posted 06.18.2018

Financing equipment can be confusing, especially when you begin evaluating the options for financing terms. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few questions you should ask to better...

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