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Refinance Your Equipment to Save

Refinance to Save Money

Refinancing your construction equipment could save you thousands of dollars per month.

One company saved $25,000 per month on their monthly loan payments AND received a $700k working capital loan.

The tables below show two examples of how a company can use equipment refinancing to improve their cash position.

Lower Payments Working Capital Construction exampleIn the example above, the company refinanced an existing equipment loan AND received $700,000 of working capital to fund business operations. Even with the additional working capital, they were able to lower their monthly equipment loan payment by nearly 24%, saving $25,000 per month!

Lower Payments Construction example

In the second example (above), the company didn't need working capital, but wanted to significantly decrease their monthly payments. They refinanced the existing equipment loan and were able to lower their monthly loan payment by 44%, saving $46,500 per month!

Of course every situation is different, but our team of construction industry professionals can evaluate your equipment and your cash flow situation and determine the best loan structure for your business goals.

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