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Equipment Financing Done Differently 

CCG does equipment financing differently than any other lender. We consider the character, collateral and cash flow of the borrower to make our credit decisions, often allowing us to lend money when a bank or captive lender won't. We realize there are ebbs and flows to the business and take the time to listen to the customers' stories.

CCG is not governed by the traditional bank covenants so can be more flexible in structuring transactions, in working with storied credits, and in our credit review criteria.

Need a new or used piece of equipment? Want to refinance an existing equipment loan or consolidate debt? Need working capital for business operations? We can do all of that, and we do it quickly and efficiently because we have intimate knowledge of the construction, transportation, waste hauling and metal cutting and fabricating industries.

We understand the equipment you purchase, the industry in which you operate, and the business challenges you face. Equipment finance is all we do, and we will be there for our customers. Protection Status