Collateral Loans & Asset Based Lending

Whereas traditional debt financing focuses solely on a company’s past, asset based financing with Commercial Credit Group is primarily based on current performance and future opportunities. With this in mind, we examine your eligibility for a loan by assessing your business model and the assets you are looking to purchase, not just your credit history.

CCG offers asset based loans to small and middle market businesses in the construction, manufacturing, transportation, and waste industries throughout the United States and Canada. Our asset based lending structure gives us more flexibility than a traditional lender, who may not be able to finance your equipment if you:

  • Have past revenue that doesn’t reflect your current and future growth potential
  • Are unable to provide a large down payment
  • Have faced challenges in the past

How It Works

Asset based loans, also referred to as collateral loans, are secured by company assets such as equipment and machinery. When financing through CCG, the new equipment you purchase or equipment you already own will serve as collateral for that loan. Also, if you borrow against assets, this allows you to retain cash for other business expenses. In the event that you need additional cash for growth projects, payroll during seasonal fluctuations or other business purposes, CCG has the capacity to structure our loans to accommodate working capital and increase liquidity during these periods.

Asset Based Equipment Financing with CCG

Oftentimes, companies must purchase new machinery but cannot afford the upfront expenses due to high equipment costs, job start-up or inconsistent cash flow. However, asset based loans give you the opportunity to maximize your borrowing capacity and offer you the flexibility to pursue your company’s goals.

At CCG, we pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service and realistic direction to all our clients. Your local representative will meet with your personally to discuss your business goals and help custom tailor financing that fits your needs. Our in-depth understanding of your business and industry will allow us to provide exceptional and honest financial insight and ensure you are comfortable every step of the way.

For more information about asset based equipment financing or for help formulating a plan to increase the profitability of your business, contact Commercial Credit Group today.

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