Working Capital Loans

The financial stability of your company depends on your ability to access sufficient funds for daily operations.

As a manager of your company’s finances, it's in your best interest to have working capital financing alternatives to better manage your expenses and invest in profitable business projects.

Working Capital Solutions at CCG

Commercial Credit Group Inc. (CCG) provides working capital loans for business-related expenditures that conventional lenders may not be able to offer. Our industry professionals look at the whole picture. They understand the needs of your business and can provide valuable insight on working capital solutions, which are often used for:

  • Repairing or upgrading equipment
  • Material purchases
  • Outstanding accounts payable to vendors or suppliers
  • Taxes, tags and title expenses

Our Process – Cash-Out Refinancing

Construction, manufacturing, transportation and waste companies can secure a working capital loan with their existing equipment. This serves as a fast funding solution for companies that need money for cyclical cash flow or growth opportunities. With our cash-out refinancing option, you can unlock equity on your existing equipment and receive cash for other business expenses.

Managing Cash Flow in a Seasonal Business

Maintaining sufficient working capital is important for all businesses, but can be especially challenging for small- and medium-sized companies that experience seasonality or have a temporary funding gap. For example, in the construction industry, projects are often held up by weather and project funding issues. When business is at a standstill, there are still bills that need to be paid. That’s when a working capital loan from CCG can help.

With any seasonal business, additional cash flow can help sustain productivity by funding payroll, materials and accounts payable. Whether you’re experiencing seasonal difficulties or accelerated growth, CCG may have a custom financing solution for you. Our dedicated team is comprised of local representatives that are experts in your industry and will get to know your business from the inside out. They work alongside loan specialists whose main focus is structuring a deal that meets your specific needs.