Equipment Refinancing

Reduce your payments and save cash by refinancing your equipment.

Industries, such as construction, manufacturing, transportation, or waste hauling, that rely on revenue generating equipment are very capital intensive and have a lot of equity tied up in that equipment. Refinancing the equipment can have major benefits to the cash flow and business operations of a company. The top five reasons to refinance equipment are:

  1. Lower monthly payments
  2. Avoid balloon payments
  3. Exercise purchase options on leased equipment
  4. Receive cash (turn that equipment equity into cash)
  5. Consolidate debt

Whether companies are looking to finance new equipment or refinance existing equipment, CCG's customized refinance solutions can help you understand and meet your business goals. If you're looking to refinance your equipment, here’s how it works:

  • If you have ONE loan – when companies build equity in a piece of equipment, they can later refinance this equipment to leverage working capital for growth or expense management. CCG can use the equipment you’re financing—or paid-off equipment—to secure a new loan with more attractive terms. This type of loan gives our customers the opportunity to expand their business and improve cash flow.

  • If you have MULTIPLE loans – If you’re financing multiple pieces of equipment with various lenders, refinance with CCG and let us and consolidate these loans into a single, monthly payment. Refinancing and consolidating allow you to manage your financing in one place, resulting in less administration and potentially lower debt service.

Many businesses have hidden capital in the form of equipment assets. The value of this equipment can run the gamut from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars. If the actual value of the equipment exceeds the amount of the associated loans, there is equity in the equipment. That equity can be used to free up working capital, refinance existing debt, reduce monthly cash outlay or provide capital to fund business operations and expansion.

With equipment refinancing at CCG, you don’t have to be overwhelmed with managing all of your accounts. With our help you can take control of your business debt and streamline the payment process. We make it easy, and we have local representatives that will help you compare details of a consolidation loan with your existing loan agreements and tailor the financing to your needs. Whether you’re looking to extend your term or free up cash, refinancing may be the option for you.


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