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Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), designed to give you a little insight into our company, our business and our loan process. If you need information that's not listed, please contact us to ask your specific question.
What information or documents do I need to submit for equipment financing?

Your equipment financing process begins by providing the following documents:

For existing customers:

  • Most recent year-end financial statement or tax return
  • An interim financial statement or bank statement if more than 6 months from your year-end
  • An invoice or a detailed equipment description of the equipment being financed

For new customers:

  • Our new customer package consisting of a one page credit application and an authorization form
  • Most recent two year-end financial statements or tax returns
  • An interim financial statement or bank statement if more than 6 months from your year-end
  • For LLCs, a copy of the operating agreement
  • An invoice or a detailed equipment description of the equipment being financed

What types of equipment do you finance?

CCG provides financing for a variety of new and used heavy equipment in the construction, transportation, waste and machine tool industries, including, but not limited to, the following:

Construction – excavators, loaders, graders, scrapers, off-road dump trucks, cranes and boom trucks, concrete pumps and mixer trucks, crushing and screening equipment, paving equipment, logging equipment

Machine Tools and Fabrication Equipment – CNC lathes, machining centers, 5-axis machines, grinders, press brakes, shears, lasers, EDM, plasma machines, laser cutters

Transportation – Class 8 trucks, dry vans, refrigerated trailers, flatbed trailers, pneumatic bulk trailers, tank trailers, tow trucks

Waste – front, side and rear load trucks, roll-off trucks and boxes, containers and compactors, vacuum trucks, water blasters, septic trucks, sweepers, hydro-excavation trucks, landfill and recycling equipment, document destruction equipment (mobile shredders)

We are an independent lender, so in addition to financing a wide variety of equipment types, we also finance a wide variety of equipment brands.

Contact us to find out if your purchase will qualify for one of our equipment loans.

How fast is your approval process?

The approval process can take anywhere from same day to a week for more complicated transactions. The speed of approval is dependent upon how quickly we can get the necessary information described above. The best way to speed up the process is to have all your financial and equipment information ready when you apply.

What are your interest rates?

We have competitive rates and offer a variety of financing structures. Rates vary based on the size of the transaction, the equipment being financed, the term of the transaction and other factors. Contact your local CCG Regional Sales Manager to get the process started. Don’t know who your local sales manager is? Click here to provide us with some information and we’ll let you know who your local representative is.

What size transactions do you finance?

Our average transaction size is around $200,000. However, we’ve funded deals from $75,000 up to $5 million.

Do you sell your equipment loans?

No. CCG self-funds and holds our own paper for the life of the loan, so you don’t have to worry about your equipment loan being sold and having a new lender with which to deal.

Can I consolidate a number of loans so I can reduce the number of outstanding loan obligations I have?

Debt consolidation is one of our specialties. Utilizing the value of your equipment, we can often combine loans from other lenders into one, more manageable payment, thereby improving your cash flow and reducing the number of outstanding creditors with whom you have to deal. We can also consolidate your existing debt in conjunction with a new purchase to minimize the up-front costs of deploying new equipment.

What are your standard equipment loan terms?

Because every situation and customer is different, we don’t have standard equipment loan terms. We work with you to determine the best financing structure for your business. Typically, used equipment loans will have a shorter term than new equipment loans.

How do I get started?

Contact your local CCG Regional Sales Manager or complete the contact form telling us more about your situation and the equipment you would like to finance.

Do you need my credit score to approve me for financing?

CCG does NOT need your credit score to review for potential financing. We have a unique credit review process that includes gaining an understanding of a potential customer’s personal character, analysis of business cash flow, and assessment of collateral. We understand that a credit score is a minor part of a customer’s story and we therefore focus on the more meaningful aspects of their business and individual character.

I’ve been turned down by my bank or the equipment seller’s financing arm. Is it possible I could be approved for equipment financing through CCG?

We understand the specialized needs of our customers and the industries in which they operate. Because we self-fund, hold our own paper and are independent, we have more flexibility than the big banks and some of the captive lenders. We establish long-term relationships with our customers and understand the ebbs and flows of these industries and can customize a financing solution to meet your needs. Contact us and we’ll guide you through the equipment financing process.

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