Used Equipment Financing

used equipment financing
Investing in used equipment may be practical for companies that are growing, or businesses that experience seasonality.

Instead of tying up working capital in new equipment purchases, it may be sensible to consider leasing or purchasing used equipment. However, it may be more difficult to find a lender that will finance or lease used equipment because they aren’t knowledgeable about the equipment and just how long it lasts. At Commercial Credit Group Inc. (CCG), we are experts in the construction, manufacturing, transportation and waste industries and understand the value in equipment, whether new or used.

Choose CCG for Used Equipment Leasing and Financing

Purchasing or leasing used equipment is a great choice for companies that are trying to save money and have access to machinery that still functions efficiently. At CCG, we offer flexible financing solutions for used equipment, whether you acquire that equipment from a dealer, at auction or from a third party. In fact, if you’re headed to an auction, we can preapprove you for financing, simplifying the process.

Contact Us about Auction Financing

If you need used equipment financing or want to refinance equipment you’ve purchased in the past, CCG can work with you to structure a loan that meets your company’s specific needs.