Roll-Off Hauler Gets a Commercial Equipment Loan to Expand Business


Owner's Character Offsets Balance Sheet Deficiency

In early 2007, a CCG representative called on a small, local roll-off hauler and spoke to him about the company's vision to purchase a $1.4M rock crushing plant. The company's credit was clean but lacked a strong balance sheet and credit capacity. They couldn't find a bank willing to listen to their plans and understand their vision for growth. 

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Commercial Equipment Loan from CCG Helps Realize Their Vision

The CCG representative spent time with the owners and got to know them. CCG recognized the excellent character of the owners and understood their business and customized a commercial equipment loan that would help them purchase a portable crushing plant, which included a jaw and cone crusher, conveyors and generators. This opportunity helped the company take advantage of opportunities and grow.

This company is still a great customer more than 10 years later, and CCG has expanded their financing to include roll-off trucks, containers, compactors, machine tools, cutting shears, and an expansion of the existing rock crushing plant. The owners remain close friends with the CCG representative, referring to him as their "Money Man", and admit that they would not be where they are today without the services provided by Commercial Credit Group to help them expand their business. 

commercial equipment loan to benefit business