Logging Equipment Financing

Logging Equipment Financing for Loggers and Forestry Companies
Money doesn’t grow on trees, but there is a business in harvesting them.

If you are a part of a logging or land clearing business, Commercial Credit Group Inc. (CCG), can help you obtain the equipment necessary to increase production and grow your business. Our representatives have experience in the logging industry and are familiar with the specific equipment you are looking to finance.

Custom Loans for Your Logging Business

At CCG, we have the flexibility to structure loans that meet your company’s specific needs. Our local representatives will talk with you personally to discuss your goals and help you achieve them. That is what sets us apart from other lenders. 

  • Reduce Expenses During Times of Seasonality
    • CCG understands that there is some seasonality to the logging business, especially in certain regions susceptible to weather conditions. For our customers that experience seasonal cash flow, we can structure your financing to accommodate seasonal payments.
  • Bunch Your Monthly Payments into a Single Loan
    • Keeping track of all your monthly expenses can be difficult. By refinancing with us, you can combine multiple loans into one, providing one fixed monthly payment. Unlike traditional banks and captive finance companies, CCG is an independent lender with the flexibility to consolidate your debt from multiple lenders, including different equipment types and manufacturers. For example, if you have a feller buncher and a loader from different manufacturers, we can refinance this equipment into one payment for your convenience.
  • Obtain Working Capital for Business-Related Expenses
    • CCG offers working capital loans for loggers that need cash to fund business-related expenses, such as insurance, equipment maintenance and repairs, fuel and payroll.

CCG – Your Trusted Forestry Equipment Finance Company

CCG is proud to support the logging and forestry industry. By working with a respected lender like us, you will benefit from our years of experience in the industry. You will be assigned a local representative that will meet with you in person, even on the jobsite. CCG has the flexibility of an independent lender and a team that has industry expertise and equipment knowledge. We can structure loans on terms that others can’t.

Types of Log Cutting and Forestry Clearing Equipment We Finance

  • Delimbers
  • Excavators
  • Feller Bunchers
  • Forwarders
  • Harvesters
  • Knuckleboom Loaders
  • Logging Trucks
  • Processors
  • Skidders
  • Yarders
  • Other