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Posted July 31, 2022

You need an additional piece of equipment for your business and you think you want to purchase used equipment. Now what do you do?

  • Evaluate your business needs
  • Consider the potential risks
  • Determine...
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Posted May 24, 2022

While business seems to be good right now, it’s almost too good to be true. One thing to remember is that the further you get away from a recession, the closer you get to another one. But despite the...

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Posted March 30, 2022

When you apply for credit, whether that be personal credit (credit card, mortgage, etc.) or business credit, you provide a lot of information to your lender. The information gives the lender great...

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Posted January 07, 2022

Commercial Credit Group is a different kind of equipment finance company. We’re an independent lender and do things our own way. Our business model is relationship driven and we evaluate credit...

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Posted May 10, 2021

Industries, such as construction, manufacturing, transportation, or waste hauling, that rely on revenue generating equipment are very capital intensive and have a lot of equity tied up in that...

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Posted March 30, 2021

When it comes to obtaining equipment for your growing business, you have some options for procurement - rent, buy, or rent with an option to purchase (typically known as a rental purchase option or...

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Posted March 08, 2021

This week marks the 61st anniversary of Women in Construction Week and CCG is celebrating all the women in this critical and essential industry.

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Posted February 08, 2021

Buying used equipment can be a great way to obtain additional equipment at reasonable prices, and while it’s often easy to find available used equipment, there are some factors you should consider...

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Posted February 02, 2021

Recently we provided a brief review of 2020 and some of the business lessons learned from the chaos and struggles. One of the main points in that article was that the industries served by CCG -...

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Posted December 01, 2020

Heavy equipment auctions present great opportunities for business owners to purchase good-quality, affordable machinery at an advantageous price point. In addition to significant cost savings...

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Posted August 20, 2020

When most people think about equipment financing, they think in terms of a specific purchase of either new or used equipment. But there are many other reasons to finance, or refinance, equipment. In...

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Posted July 08, 2020

Most of us have heard about or read about people being scammed. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission reported for 2018, that 1.4 million Americans reported instances of fraud, losing $1.48 billion...

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Posted May 07, 2020

Commercial Credit Group Inc. (CCG) is in the equipment finance business. Since the company’s founding in 2004 we’ve been financing equipment for the construction, transportation, and waste...

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Posted April 01, 2020

Many businesses have hidden capital in the form of equipment assets. The value of this equipment can run the gamut from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars. If the actual value of the...

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Posted March 13, 2020

Having worked in equipment finance for more years than I care to admit, I’ve seen a LOT of transactions. Some have been fairly straightforward and simple, some have been extremely complicated, and...

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