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Challenges In Obtaining Financing

Challenges Of Obtaining Business Financing In A Volatile Economy

Posted December 11, 2023

DECEMBER 11, 2023 - Julie Murphy, our VP of Marketing, has been featured in the November 2023 issue of Fabricating and Metalwork Magazine. Her article "Challenges of Obtaining Business Financing In a Volatile Economy"  significantly elevated Manufacturers Capital, a division of Commercial Credit Group (CCG), as an authority and valuable resource in equipment financing. 

In today's fast-changing economy, it's crucial for businesses to be flexible and versatile in order to not just survive but excel. A persistent hurdle for business owners is acquiring financing, especially in an unstable economic landscape. Concerns about recessions, escalating interest rates, inflation, and more contribute to economic unpredictability, creating obstacles for businesses in obtaining financial support. The featured article explores how businesses deal with these challenges and offers recommendations to overcome these hurdles. 

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